Helping Serious Students Excel on the MCAT CARS Section

  • The Cambridge Learning Center specializes in preparing students for the MCAT Critical Analysis & Reasoning Skills section
  • Our unique courses focus on the fundamentals of language, critical reading and analysis skills, and verbal reasoning
  • Students learn the skills they need to achieve a score in the top 20%
  • Students also learn proven neuroscience exercises to eliminate test anxiety and increase brain functionality

Free Online MCAT CARS Class

We invite you to attend a free online class with one of our faculty members where we go into greater detail on the MCAT CARS section and also give you an opportunity to ask any questions that you may have. 

MCAT CARS Preparation

The first step in scoring in the top 20% on the Critical Analysis & Reasoning Skills (CARS) section of the MCAT is knowing what the test measures and what skills it requires you to master in order to succeed.

The MCAT CARS Section measures your ability to:

  • Be able to select the key ideas in a text;
  • Understand them clearly;
  • See how the key ideas are related in forming the argument in an essay
  • Know what the text implies or what you can infer from it; and
  • Know precisely what a question is asking for and how each answer selection does or does not answer the question.

In order to determine which are the key ideas in a text, you must know some of the fundamentals of rhetoric: how essays are structured so that you can pick out the key sentences. Once you pick out these sentences, you have to know the fundamentals of grammar to determine what is most important in that sentence as opposed to what is just additional information or an example illustrating a point already made. You then need to be able to us reflective intelligence to reflect on and determine not only what a text says, but also what it suggests, what it implies, and what you can infer, the unstated meaning of a text.

The Cambridge Learning Center offers weekly information sessions on the CARS section of the MCAT where students can ask questions, learn the best ways to prepare for the exam on their own, receive free study materials, and find out about the courses offered by the Center. 

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