Let Us Help You Become A Doctor

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First Step: Getting Into Medical School

Where you go to medical school is one of the biggest factors affecting your future career as a doctor. It will define the quality of learning you get, the experiences you have, and what opportunities are available to you. So the goal is to gain admission to a medical school that will prepare you to be the best you can be. This is one area in which we can help.

One of the biggest obstacles to getting into a top medical school is the MCAT, specifically the Critical Analysis & Reasoning Skills (CARS) Section. The CARS section is quickly becoming the most heavily weighted portion of the MCAT, making it even more critical for students to do well on this section. That is why we offer numerous resources to help you with MCAT CARS, from free class to courses to diagnostic assessments. Many of our students go on to score in the top 20% on the CARS section. And you can too.

Second Step: Graduating Medical School

You've gotten in. The next step is doing well. You've probably heard horror stories about the amount of reading required, the number of papers you have to write, etc. All of the resources we offered are aimed to prepare you for this and make sure you do well.

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We teach you neuroscience exercises that help your brain function better. These exercises improve your cognitive functioning, decrease stress/anxiety, increase focus, help you learn better, etc. Things that are critical not only for success in medical school but for success in life.

Given the amount of reading you have to do, comprehension is key. You need to be able to cut through the massive volume of text and understand what's important. Good verbal skills are absolute necessary here. And that's what we focus on teaching you; not just tips and tricks to help, but the real fundamentals of how to understand whatever you're reading and retain that information. 

Then you'll have to take this information and apply it, whether it be via research papers, lab practicums, rotational internships, etc. The ability to actually apply the information you learn in medical school is what makes a good doctor. Developing that ability requires reflective intelligence and understanding logic, both of which we emphasis in our resources.

Third Step: Being a Doctor

Being a doctor requires a very specific and diverse skill set. Not only do you need to know various medical concepts, especially in your chosen specialty, but you need to have very strong reasoning skills.

A patient comes to you with a huge list of symptoms and you need to make a diagnosis. How do you know what to pay attention to? And given that, how do you know what in combination those symptoms mean?

You know by having strong logical reasoning skills and reflective intelligence. The ability to relate ideas together and understand their deeper meaning is crucial to being a successful doctor. It's not just knowing the medical concepts; it's being able to put those to practice. And we help you hone that skill by teaching you how to develop reflective intelligence.

Let Us Help You Become A Doctor