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We have a whole archive of articles and videos covering topics such as when to apply to medical school, the new MCAT2015, how to improve cognitive functioning, etc. Just click the link below to view our archive.

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Free Online Class

We’re offering A series of Four Free Online Classes  on the Following Topics:

  • Overview of the CARS Exam: What they’re testing and what you need to know to succeed;

  • Finding the Main Idea and Key Ideas quickly and accurately;

  • Analyzing Questions and Answers to make sure you get them right

  • Dealing with Unfamiliar Topics Passages: How to read them quickly and comprehensively.

Classes will be held on Tuesday evenings at 8:00 PM Eastern Time.
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Free MCAT CARS Diagnostic Assessment


You can't get any better unless you know what you're doing wrong. Take this free online diagnostic assessment to see how you're doing studying for the CARS section and what you can do to improve. You'll even have the chance to discuss your results with us for free.

“I learned why I make specific errors on the exam." - Imani. A.