Improving Your MCAT Verbal Score from the 7-9 Range

The MCAT Verbal section is now the Critical Analysis & Reasoning Skills (CARS) section. Along with the name change, the scoring system has been changed too. Instead of being able to score between 1-15, then range is now 118-132. So say you were scoring in the 7-9 range on the old MCAT. How can you improve that for the new MCAT CARS section.

Despite the change in material and scoring, you can still improve so that you score within the top 20% on the MCAT CARS section, which will not only get you accepted into medical school, but will get you multiple medical school admissions.

If you were already scoring within the 7-9 range on the old MCAT Verbal section then that means you already have some innate linguistic ability. Some people have more than others and that’s true with any other kind of talent as well. If you’re scoring a 7-9 now, once you really learn grammar, rhetoric, and how to exercise reflective intelligence, there’s no question that you can raise your score by at least 15-25%.

So you’re a really good candidate for doing this kind of work to master grammar, rhetoric, reflective intelligence and learning how to analyze questions and answers. So if you’re currently stuck in the 7-9 range in MCAT Verbal, by all means, there’s plenty of room for improvement. You have the innate ability to not only do it but to really score in the highest register of the exam.