Master All MCAT Passages with Grammar, Rhetoric, & Reflective Intelligence

We’ve introduced you to our method for mastering MCAT CARS Passages (see “How to Master Critical Analysis & Reasoning for the MCAT”) but we’ve been asked if this method can be applied to passages in other sections as well.

Yes, it certainly can. All passages, all essays, even fiction novels, all types of writing follow these rhetorical rules. It’s just the best way for people to communicate whether they’re speaking, writing, writing fiction, writing essays, or whatever medium they may be using.

Improving your critical analysis and reasoning skills often results in an increase in not only your MCAT CARS score but also your scores in the science sections, usually by at least one point each. Why? Because you’re better able to understand the passages in the science section and work through them more quickly.

So yes, you can use what we’re teaching you about rhetoric, grammar, and reflective intelligence in analyzing all types of writing in passages.