Only 2 Weeks til Your MCAT? Here's what you should do for the MCAT CARS section

I’ve got to be quite honest with you, there’s no short-cut method. There’s no special technique. Ask yourself: “Could you learn organic chemistry in 2 weeks?” It’s simply impossible.

It takes time to master the fundamentals of language. There are no techniques. There are no tricks. It’s about mastering grammar, rhetoric, reflective intelligence and the strategy of understanding questions and answers. These take time.

It’s going to take you 9 weeks or so to really master this part of the exam. So it’s really worth it to delay your MCAT. You can improve your score by up to 20% once you’ve mastered these things. In addition to that, your science scores will go up too.

Think about the difference: a difference of over 20% in your overall score.  That's the difference between not getting into medical school and having multiple admissions. So don’t put an artificial limitation on your time. You need time to work. Even if you have to miss a cycle, remember this, you’ve got at least a 50 year career ahead of you. So it’s important to be prepared and get the highest score that you can.