Can CARS Section Strategies Be Applied to Other Sections' MCAT Passages?

We spend a lot of time talking about how to master the MCAT CARS section, which used to be the MCAT Verbal section. And students have asked, “Can the strategies for the MCAT CARS section you teach be used for the science section?”

Absolutely. And our research has shown that once students master verbal reasoning and are scoring in the top 20% on the Critical Analysis & Reasoning Skills (CARS) section, their other scores automatically go up.

Why is that? Well it’s common sense. If you’re reading better generally, if you’re reading with more depth and clarity, if you’re reading more quickly and if you’re doing a better job analyzing questions and answers, then your science scores are going to go up because you’re reading those passages with greater depth and you’re understanding the questions and answers better. So learning the strategies we teach and talk about will not only help you with your score on the CARS section, it will help you with your other MCAT scores as well.