Studying for the MCAT CARS Section on Your Own

Hopefully you realize how critical verbal reasoning skills are to doing well on the MCAT Critical Analysis & Reasoning Skills section, and, again, by well we mean scoring in the top 20%. It really is the key to mastering the Verbal Reasoning section as we explained in "What is the MCAT Critical Analysis & Reasoning Skills (CARS) Section Testing" and "How to Master Critical Analysis & Reasoning for the MCAT."

Whether it be with our center, another institute, or own your own, you need to study grammar and rhetoric. In case you choose to do it on your own, we’d like to direct you to some free resources that will really help you increase your ability in this particular area.

The first thing we’d recommend is to get John Warriner’s “English Composition and Grammar: Complete Course.” It’s out of print but there are plenty of copies floating around on the internet, and you could certainly get it at the branch of any library.

Especially, there are four chapters you should really focus in regards to grammar: chapters 19-22. Also go to the sections on composition because as you’ll see, composition is just critical reading in reverse. You’re using the same tools and the same methodology to write that you use in reading. So Warriner’s Grammar is really an excellent source.

We also offer a free study guide for Warriners to students who attend one of our free online MCAT CARS classes. If you’d like to attend, you can register here:

To apply what you’ve learned from Warriner’s, we recommend “Examkrackers 101 Passages in MCAT Verbal Reasoning.” We use the 2nd edition.

Again, you need to master verbal reasoning to do well on the MCAT CARS section. And if you’re going to do it on your own, we highly recommend starting with the resources mentioned above.