The Best MCAT Practice Test to Take

One of the best ways to study for the MCAT Exam is by practicing MCAT passages. By that we mean consistently reading and analyzing passages, picking out the key sentences, and following the flow of ideas. But whose passages should you use? There’s a lot of different ones out: Kaplan, ExamKrackers, Princeton Review, etc But which ones are most like the actual MCAT?

We have found, in our experience that the ExamKrackers practice books have MCAT passages that are closest to the MCAT exams. It has the best essays and the questions and answers really mirror those that are on the actual exam itself.

After that we like to use the Kaplan essays. We find them a little bit easier than the exam itself but very good for learning.

And then there’s also the Princeton Review essays, but they are consistently more challenging than the actual exam itself.

Overall, we really recommend starting with the Examkrackers materials. It’s one of the materials we use with students in our courses and they’re the best ones for practice. Plus, since they are the ones that most closely match the MCAT exam, doing them will give you the best sense on how you’ll actually perform on the MCAT.