Why So Many Hard Working Students Do Poorly on the CARS Exam (And What To Do About It)

“No matter how many passages I do there’s never enough time to finish. I can’t get my speed to improve.”

Abby P.

“I get really stressed out and anxious when I do CARS passages. It’s really hurting my performance.”

Ali S.

“Getting the main idea and key ideas is a real problem. I really have a problem with comprehension.”

Monica S.

Why do Students do so poorly on the CARS Exam even though they study long hours?

Because They Study The Wrong Things.

I’ve been teaching this course for over 10 years after getting 2 graduate degrees at Harvard and teaching there. I’ve seen how critical reading skills greatly improve when students master the fundamentals of verbal reasoning, and I’ve seen this work whether I’m teaching pre-med students or hedge fund managers in Beijing.

There are no “Tips” or “Tricks” or “Exam Taking Techniques” for mastering CARS. Just like chemistry or physics, you have to master the fundamentals of language and reasoning. You’ll find out how to do that, and do it with excellence in Mastering CARS.

Mastering CARS is the only course that will teach you and actually have you master the fundamental critical reading skills you need to read passages quickly and comprehensively, and get the right answers to questions.

If you’re willing to do the hard work to make your dream of becoming a physician come true, we can show you how.

But this course isn’t for everyone. You won’t find me giving you easy short cuts and tips that don’t work. Just like your science courses, you’re going to work hard and work smart. But just like your science courses, you’ll master the fundamentals and succeed.

Jessica T.

"My CARS score went up 6 points"
~Jessica T.
(now at UMASS Medical)

Now let me tell you what you’ll get in the course if you should decide to take it.


"A 6 point improvement. Time to spare."
~Holly C.

  • 36 hours of personal instruction in a class of 6 or fewer students over 9 weeks. Constant individual attention tailored to your specific learning needs.

  • 24 hours of self-correcting video exercises where you can practice what you learn in class.

  • Individual tutoring if you get stuck on any language skill.

  • Cutting Edge Neuroscience Exercises to increase your cognitive function

Here’s the timetable of what you’ll be learning during the course.

Sean X.

“My verbal score went up 3 points. I would especially recommend it for other ESL students.”
~Sean X.


“They stuck with me no matter what and got me into Mayo.”
~Alex G.

  • At the end of 2 weeks, you’ll have mastered Grammar and the Structure of Essays so you will know exactly how to quickly pick out main ideas and key ideas.

  • At the end of 3 weeks, you will know how different types of language is used in esoteric humanities passages. You’ll also learn cutting edge neuroscience exercises that wil keep you focused and eliminate or greatly reduce stress and test taking anxiety

  • At the end of 4 weeks, you will know how to relate key ideas to the main idea and each other so you can see what they suggest and imply.

  • In the 5th week, you’ll master the analysis of questions and answers so you’ll be choosing the right answer analytically instead of choosing what seems right or feels like the right answer.

  • From the 6th to the 9th week, you’ll be working on speed and precision to get you to the point where you can read a passage comprehensively in 3 to 4 minutes and average 12 out of 13 correct answers, 1 error every other passage.

Kamal S.

“The quality of teaching was excellent. I am now at Drexel Medical School.”
~Kamal S.

Just as important, you’ll have other bright, motivated students to work with between classes, going over assignments. It’s the interaction between peers, just like residency training, to embed what you are learning and turn your analysis of passages into something your brain does automatically, instead of something you have to think about. This will greatly enhance your speed and comprehension.

Alla Y.

“I tried another prep course. However I never learned even 20% of what I learned here.”
~Alla Y.

If you’re wondering whether this will work or if its right for you, just take a look at what so many of our students have said.

Again, this course isn’t for everyone, it’s only for really committed students because we make a big commitment to you. Unlike those other courses that focus on “exam taking techniques”:

Chris D.

“Best Money I have ever spent on myself. I got into medical school.”
~Chris D.

  • You’ll be taught by award winning faculty from major universities, not some student who took the test. If you sign up for this section, you’ll have me as a teacher.

  • You’ll have my personal cell number and I will always be available for any extra help that you need.

  • You’ll have a money back guarantee. If in the first 30 days you’re not satisfied, you’ll get a complete refund. In all my years of teaching only one student requested this, and that was because he decided to go to dental school.

  • If things are tight for you financially, we’ll find a way to extend your payments or other means so you can afford it.

Devon A.

“They actually care and work with you. Others just try to sell you a course.”
~Devon A.

Sure, you can try to prepare on your own, but would you try to teach yourself organic chemistry? There are plenty of other courses out there that are cheaper and faster, where you’ll learn “tips” and “tricks” for taking the CARS Exam. Our classes are full of students who have taken these courses. Did you learn organic chemistry by learning “tips” and “tricks” for taking an organic exam? You had to grind it out, hopefully with a great teacher who was always there to support you.

We take your success very seriously. When a patient comes to you, they come with their lives in their hands. When you come to us, we know that you come with your future in your hands. As our students tell us: “They want you to get into medical school as much as you do”.  

If you’re interested, you’ll need to act quickly. Our classes fill up pretty rapidly.

You’ve worked so hard and so long, let us help you overcome the last hurdle.