Why so many students do poorly on the CARS Exam (And What To Do About It)

Are you studying for the CARS Exam and finding that the passages are nothing like you ever read before?

“Timing and finding the main idea are my biggest problems. No matter how many passages I do, I don’t seem to improve.”

Bilal K.

“Stress and anxiety are really affecting my focus. They affect my ability to understand the passage and remember the concepts.”

Jessica C.

“Lack of topic familiarity is really affecting my comprehension and speed on too many passages.”

Patrick H.

“Vocabulary is really a problem for me. I just can’t understand some of the terms.”

Marlene S.

Why do so many students do poorly on CARS even though they do so many passages over and over again?

Because they’re studying the wrong things

There are no ‘tips’ or ‘tricks’ in mastering CARS. Like chemistry and physics, you’ve got to master the fundamentals of language: Grammar, Rhetoric, Logic, and the Relationship of Ideas

The CARS Interactive Video Course

This interactive video course has over 25 hours of instruction, exercises, and the best practice materials available, all taught by an instructor with thousands of hours experience in getting students into medical school and has won a Harvard Club Award for teaching and public service.

The CARS Interactive Video Course

  • How to find the Main Idea and supporting Key Ideas in different kinds of passages;
  • How to greatly increase speed without stress or rushing;
  • How to master passages with Unfamiliar Topics;
  • How to increase Focus and Reduce Stress;
  • How to increase vocabulary and vocabulary comprehension;
  • How to master Reasoning Beyond the Text;
  • How to break down complicated sentences into simple ideas; and
  • How to master Questions so you get the right Answers.

In addition, you will receive instruction on

  • The latest research and exercises developed at Harvard, MIT, and the University of California on:
    • Increasing cognition and brain functionality by up to 35%;
    • Increasing focus, mental clarity, reducing test taking anxiety, and increasing confidence.
  • You’ll also get the finest written study materials on grammar, rhetoric, analysis of passages, and questions and answers.

Here’s what our students say about our courses:

Jessica T.

"My CARS score went up 6 points"
~Jessica T.
(now at UMASS Medical)

Jessica T.

“The quality of teaching was excellent. I’m now at Drexel Medical School.”
~Kamal S.

Jessica T.

“Best money I ever spent on myself. I’m now in medical school.”
~Chris S.

Jessica T.

“I tried another prep course. However, I never learned even 20% of what I learned her.”
~Alla Y.