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Consider This: You can have a 510 MCAT Score, a 3.75 GPA, and still only have a 53% chance of getting into medical school.

What Makes The Difference? Your personal statement.

Your Personal Statement Constitutes 50% of the Admissions Decision.

It’s what makes you stand out from the other qualified candidates.

The essay really can cause me to look more deeply at the whole application.
— Admissions Officer, Columbia Physician and Surgeons
The essay is the place for us to learn about the applicant—who they are and what experiences have brought them to this point of applying to medical school.
— Admissions Officer, Univ. of Minnesota Medical School

The Personal Statement is the only place where you are not just a series of numbers. It’s the only place where you can show why you should be admitted rather than someone else. It’s the only place where you can show them that you are the kind of student they are looking for.

What Admissions Committees Look For

Of course, grades and MCAT Scores matter, but you know that there are more qualified candidates than there are places for them in medical school.

What Makes The Difference? Aside from grades and MCAT Scores, Medical Schools Admissions Offices have created a checklist of personal characteristics and experiences that make an attractive, and even a compelling applicant. Once a student is deemed capable of doing the work in medical school, it is these criteria that determine admission. These criteria are fairly uniform in US and Canadian Medical Schools. Some schools have additional criteria but these usually show up in supplemental essays in the application.

The Key To Admission, once you have shown yourself to be qualified academically, is to shape a narrative that weaves your life experiences and personal characteristics to show that you are the kind of candidate they are looking for, one that exhibits a. No two applicants are the same and no applicant will meet all of the criteria, but what is critical is showing in an honest manner how everything you have done in the past shows a number of those criteria and made you a natural fit for that institution.

The Solution:

  • Learn the criteria

  • See how to match the relevant ones to your life experiences

  • Learn how to organize and write them into a compelling narrative

  • Have your Personal Statement shaped and edited by a former member of a Harvard University Admissions Committee.

  • Have a final edit done by a professional writer

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It’s Time For You To Write A Compelling Personal Statement

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