Intractive Video Course

  • Access to our online Interactive Video Course, including:
    -Interactive lessons and exercises
    -Detailed passage analyses and explanations
  • MCAT CARS Study Manual
  • MCAT Vocabulary Guide
  • Self-paced

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Intensive CARS Course Plus Video Textbook

  • 26 hours of live instruction over 9 weeks
  • Classes scheduled based on YOUR availability
  • Maximum 6 students in each class
  • THE most comprehensive program for verbal reasoning and critical reading skills

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CARS is the last hurdle between you and medical school. You’ve studied so hard to get where you are. Remember, there are no exam taking “tips” or “tricks”. Just like organic chemistry, it’s all about fundamentals. Be prepared! There is so much to gain and so much to lose.

“Timing and finding the main idea are my biggest problems. No matter how many passages I do, I don’t seem to improve.”

Bilal K.

“Stress and anxiety are really affecting my focus. They affect my ability to understand the passage and remember the concepts.”

Jessica C.

“Lack of topic familiarity is really affecting my comprehension and speed on too many passages.”

Patrick H.

“Vocabulary is really a problem for me. I just can’t understand some of the terms.”

Marlene S.

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