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“So far (after 2 weeks), I've scored 30% better on a practice test since taking this course.“ - Javier T.

Alex G Testimonial
Hallie C Testimonial

"This course teaches you a fundamental skill that works all of the time" - Alaa Y.

“I look at a passage much differently than I used to. I immediately go for the fundamentals. I go through it step by step. That's been helping a lot. I actually understand the main idea of each paragraph.” - Akriti T.

Sean X Testimonial

“Love the online textbook, can't say enough good things about it.” - Pavan M.

Ayushi A Testimonial
Lukas M Testimonial

“Thanks so much for the kind words and all the support. The impact you have had not just on my MCAT test preparation but my life is immeasurable. “ - Pavan M.


“All your classes are amazing.” - Alaa Y.

"The never doubted I could do it. The Cambridge Learning Center seemed very committed to my success and the instructor made himself available pretty much all of the time." - Becky L.

Henry L Testimonial

"The course goes beyond just strategies. It went beyond reading and timing strategies to actually breaking down sentences and building skills along with many wellness exercises that focus on increasing performance." - Nader I.

Nader T Testimonial

“I want to thank you so much for all the help you gave me on the MCAT. With that being said, I have recently received my first medical school acceptance! I am going to be a doctor, no matter what happens! Without your dedication to serving your students, and helping us develop not only academically but also mentally, I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for me.” - Maxine D.

Alaa Y Testimonial
Bilal M Testimonial

"I tried three other prep companies. They concentrated on teaching 'tricks' - how to guess the correct answer. They didn't teach you how to extract the main idea from the passage. I wanted someone who would present verbal reasoning a more rational way, not someone just giving me tricks. That's why I chose Cambridge Learning Center." - Mubanga C.

Deven - 2H.png

“I am beginning to see the significance of systematically dissecting a sentence...I have begun to do it starbucks, grocery store, my Flipboard app on my phone and any other literature. READING WILL NEVER BE THE SAME. This is just after one day (of our Video Course+Tutoring)” -Bereket Y.

Peter S Testimonial
Carol X Testimonial

“Thank you so much for infusing confidence. You are simply THE BEST! With your guidance and blessings, I am confident that I am going to do my best.” - Ashish S.

Becky L Testimonial

“I just wanted to thank you for you amazing class and the great results and share my happiness. I just worked on 2 passages using interval method and I got only 1 wrong in each, which made me super happy! I feel like I am getting better everyday. I just wanted to thank you for teaching us these techniques.” - Armita K.

"The teaching modalities they use are really unique. My instructor won an award at Harvard for teaching, multiple awards. There's really something to be said for that and it shows in his classes. He's a phenomenal teacher and when you combine all of this together you get this phenomenal package that just translates into success." - Alex G.

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Jessica T Testimonial

“I tried other companies and they only came across as cookie cutters of each other. There was no personalization. After taking this course I felt very prepared and in control of myself.” - August S.

Chris D Testimonial

“The confidence I gained from visualization exercises and the approach that you taught to use on the test helped me all the way through interviews and even with my ability to interact with students, faculty and staff at medical schools. I am excited to say that this preparation helped me reach my goal of attending medical school this upcoming year. I will be attending New York University School of Medicine! The course helped me with the last step to achieving my dream, and I cannot thank you enough for your commitment to every student's success.” - Allyson A.

Jane F Testimonial

“The first time I took the MCAT I got a 5. Cambridge Learning Center helped me turn that 5 into an 11! As someone who has always struggled in reading and comprehension, I never thought I was capable of an 11 on the MCAT. I have never seen anyone as committed and focused on my success as Leonardo is. He has a keen ability to focus on your individual weaknesses, whether they are specific to reading or more general to confidence and managing anxiety. He tailors his teaching directly to your needs. In addition to reviewing grammar, he has a never ending set of tools to help you with focus, confidence, anxiety, and cognitive abilities. I couldn't recommended the Cambridge Learning Center enough! They will ensure your success!” - Jessica T.

"I look at a passage much differently than I used to. I actually understand the main idea of each paragraph after working with the Cambridge Learning Center." - Akriti T.

Kamal S Testimonial

“He said, "I'm going to prepare you to become a physician," which I really like - not only is this going to help me with the MCAT, but it's going to help me later on, too. That's one of the reasons I chose this class. Other test companies just said that they were going to go over the passages. I felt like I needed something that would help me start from the fundamentals.” - Akriti T.

Sean X Testimonial

“I feel like almost everyone would appreciate this program. “ - Mubanga C.

Hallie C Testimonial

"It was very, very effective. The have us do neuroscience exercises that success in connecting the physical and mental aspects of the test. And they work. It's amazing. I've never experienced that type of teaching or training but it was very, very effective. It was probably the highest level of teaching I've ever experienced. They wanted me to succeed on the exam just as much as I did." - Jessica T.